Sunday, 11 December 2011

Video: USA Oil Policies explained

Do you know who has the biggest oil and energy reserves? It may not be who you think..

IER Board Member, Steven Hayward, exposes how US energy policies have restricted access to America's vast energy resources. You may have previously thought America had little to none of it's own reserves but this is not the case. America is tehrefore less competitive in the world, energy prices are skyrocketing, and the economy is suffering. Steven Hayward points out that the United States must open federal lands to exploration and end the regulatory blockade that keeps shale oil and gas out of our reach.

Video: Iran claims finding a new reserve in the caspian sea

Islamic republic minister of oil Sardar Rostam Ghasemi has reported that Iran has found a new reserve source in the Caspian sea containing a significant amount of gaz after successful drilling.

According to Iranian TV the quantity of Gaz found in this reserve is equal to available gaz in all other Caspian Sea fields .

According to studies made earlier , the Iranian side of Caspian sea did not have any interesting gaz or oil fields .

Video: Is Oil the Future of Energy?

Around 5,000 participants have come together in Qatar for the World Petroleum Congress in order to discuss the global demand for energy, in particular oil, which has seen large growth despite the economic downturn. Can oil meet future needs for energy?

Thursday, 1 December 2011

Don Young Bashes Arctic Refuge

Rep. Don Young (R-AK) bullies witness Dr. Doug Brinkley and attacks the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge as worthless for anything other than drilling. Many people are currently displaying their outrage for this video which reveals the congressman as "wasted taxpayers money" by commenters.

Listen out for the Faux Pas made for a little humour in this serious issue.

Videos: Oil Tanker Explodes

An oil tanker explodes on 28th November 2011 which result sin the death of one person. This tragic event is covered in this video from TV9 broadcasts.

Video: Oil News on Oil Spill

The 90 second news at 9am featuring oil spill news. Also discussions on price drops and reserves. Watch the video for more information on the news of the Oil Spill Last year in a fast bite sized portion.

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Video: Libyan Oil News News Clip

Britain is held under scrutiny on American News when it appears libyan interests are oil motivated. There seemed to be a direct correlation between helping remove Gadaffi from power and awarding oil contracts. Those who did not participate in the war are now being told they will not get to share in the manufacturing and business opportunities as a result which instead will go to those that provided aid and assistance. This is proving to be good news for British business.

Video: Keystone Oil Pipeline Delay

A consumer talks about Obama's decision to delay the Keystone Oil Pipeline. A strong opinion video from a consumers point of view who feels the delay is motivated by the wrong reasons and the unemployed are suffering because of it.

Are Barrels Of Red Diesel Cheaper?

Are Barrels Of Red Diesel Cheaper?
Red diesel is much similar to white diesel however, it is very cheap in terms of cost. Besides, you may be amazed when you compare the performance of the two. In terms of performance efficiency, white diesel steals the show. On contrary, if you compare the efficiency in terms of economy, barrels of red diesel takes the spotlight. They are also refer as tractor diesel owing to its use in transportation. Similarly, barrels of kerosene are also use in rural areas as a means to fuel their transporting vehicles. Besides, cheap kerosene finds another use in heating systems that run on it. However, red diesel is the most efficient performer, when compared with it buying cost than most other fuels. Hence, red diesel is cheaper.  

Difference Between Red Diesel And Regular Diesel

Difference Between Red Diesel And Regular Diesel

Red diesel is nothing but another form of diesel. The only difference is, the Red diesel is broken into fragments and sulphur that is regularly added in diesel is not added in this. The Red diesel to look separate from regular diesel is mixed with a red colour dye to become red and hence obtains its name. This diesel is very cheap compared to conventional diesel as there is no fuel taxes on this diesel and it is major use of this diesel is to heat up homes. The regular diesel is very costly because it has high taxes levied upon it and it can be used in automobiles.    

How Do We Obtain Gas Oil?

How Do We Obtain Gas Oil?

Gas oil is nothing but the oil fuel that is used in our day-to-day life. Diesel is a type of gas oil. This oil is obtained from crude oil that is extracted from oil wells, which are located on seabed and land. This type of fuel is being obtained from furnace or oil refinery, as the crude oil is heated under tremendous pressure and temperature it breaks and forms vapors, which are collected in different sections of the furnace. These fractions are later cooled under various processes and we obtain different type of fuels, in which gas oil is one.

How Kerosene Finds Use As Heating Oil?

How Kerosene Finds Use As Heating Oil?

In case you are wondering about relation between kerosene and oils used for heating heaters, then stop seeing the two as two different sides. Very few people who have seen kerosene being use in jet airplanes believe that it is also use as oil for heaters. In fact, crude oils that are cheap in cost are use as heating oil to heat the system. However, in case your process requires high calorific value of oil, then use of crude kerosene oil is almost indispensable. Besides, it is cheap. In fact, the real value of fuel oil lies with the number of times it underwent distillation. Hence, it because of its low cost and high calorific value, it is use as fuel oil for heating purpose.  

How Spill Kits Help?

How Spill Kits Help?

Handling oil could be tedious especially after you spill them. In case you happen to spill the oil, then do not panic. Simply look for spill kits. In fact, spilling oil is common to all, and hence it is ideal to carry your spill kit well in advance of experiencing embracement over spill. Moreover, they are cheap and cost legitimately fine. Spilling oil can cause environment disturbance. Besides, it can affect vehicles that run over it. Hence, it is ideal to carry a kit with you wherever you go along with the car. You may simply place the kit in the back end of the vehicle and enjoy your ride without facing any subjugation by law for spilling oil in public places.

How To Choose Right Generator Fuels?

How To Choose Right Generator Fuels?

In fact, generator fuel is a broad term that is refer to any fuel that is use to power generator. Besides, the choice of fuel highly relies on the use and type of generator. Moreover, different fuels have their unique set of advantages and disadvantages. In general, gasoline, natural gas, diesel and even propane are use as fuel to generators. Besides, you may change your choice of fuel based on the efficiency that you desire from the generator. In terms of fuel, gasoline is most common fuel that is use in generators. Besides, diesel is consider as the safest fuel for generators, as it exhibits least inflammability. Hence, different factors contribute to choice of one fuel over other.

Various Uses of Kerosene

Various Uses of Kerosene

Kerosene is used in many processes. The major utilization of kerosene is, it is used for heating purpose and due to its cheap abstraction value from crude oil, it is a very good source of heat and cheaper too as compared to other fuels. Kerosene is some times also used in various other exercises also. It is also used in ATF or Aviation Turbine Fuel, it is also a part of this expensive fuel and in some places, and it is used in single entity for aviation purpose. This use makes it not only important and due to its price factor is very significant too.  

What Makes Fame Free Red Diesel An Infamous Fuel Alternative?

What Makes Fame Free Red Diesel An Infamous Fuel Alternative?

Indeed demand for fame free red diesel oil is on splurge and prices are on a constant rise. Hence, it is ideal to have a dealer who can provide you with subsidized rates. Moreover, quality is the central issue that needs a closer look. Ideally, red diesel having sulphur content less than 1000 ppm (Parts Per Million) is consider fairly good in quality. Besides, the quality restrictions differ from one application to another. In fact, red diesel is also refer to as tractor diesel as it finds its application in tractor engines. Apart from price, another reason why it is use to run tractors is that red diesel is apt for vehicles that does not demand high-speed motor engines. Thus, ease in availability and low cost makes it an infamous fuel alternative.

What To do When You Put Wrong Fuel In Tank?

What To do When You Put Wrong Fuel In Tank?

Being human, there is always a chance of error that one could make. In fact, fuel tanks can too not remain far from human errors. In case you spill wrong oil in your tank, do not panic. Remain calm, as just by mixing wrong oil in engine does not spoil it. In fact, your engine can only spoil when asked to run with wrong fuel in tank. Besides, there are bright chances that you may still remove the oil that you have mistakenly place in the engine. You may simply use siphon to remove oil from the tank and wait until the wet part simply evaporates. To aid this, simply open your fuel tank and allow it to dry faster.

Why Peat briquettes Are Important?

Why Peat briquettes Are Important?

Peat Briquettes mainly consist of natural Irish peat. They are very good solid fuel, give less smoke, and burn quite well. They are also easy to store and the amount of space needed to store them is very less compared to any other solid fuel. They also provide good fuel to heat up water, as they are very dry from any other solid fuel. They not only have a unique quality that they are heat resistance, meaning that a single spark does not burn them. Peat Briquettes provide a controlled combustion making then ideal for home use, such as chimney etc. 

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

NEWS: Kazakh Workers Protest Oil Company

Workers for an oil company say they are owed danger money on their wages which are included in the wage slip breakdown but omitted form the total sum paid. They are currently protesting the oil company involved but it is rumoured they will not succeed based on details that reveal their wages are already well above the national average. For many workers however, this is still not enough to afford them a comfortable lifestyle with one four generation family living in a small cramped apartment (featured in the video).

Sunday, 9 October 2011

News: India welcome to Explore Vietnam Oil

Vietnam president Truong Tan Sang today confirmed that India and other foreign nations were welcome to explore the possibility of oil in areas under Vietnam's control. Amidst threats from China  the president hopes to strengthen ties between Vietnam and India.

The President of Vietnam is due to visit India on Tuesday and has confirmed his objectives on the trip are to continue to nourish the friendship between Vietnam and India as well as add a greater substance to the strategic partnership. This news that Truong Tan Sang welcomes India to explore hydrocarbons on Vietnamese soil is just another step on the road to strengthening ties with New Delhi.

News: New Zealand Oil Spill

The Bay of plenty last night became the Bay of Plentiful Oil as an Oil Container Ship grounded and began leaking oil last night on Sunday October 9th 2011.The ship ran aground on Wednesday and has since begun leaking oil a total of 30 tonnes estimated to have spilled so far out of the ships total 1,700 tonne cargo. The ship has run aground in what is recognised as one of New Zealand's most prized areas of natural beauty and can be wholly devastating for the area if the ship continues to leak it's massive oil supply.

Reports claim 200 specialists have been brought in from Australia, Holland, Britain and Singapore to tackle the problem with a further 300 defence personnel on standby. Fears are that the oil slick will reach the coastline of the North Island.

Friday, 7 October 2011

News: Record High Saudi Arabia Premiums

Thursday October 6th Saudi Arabian Oil Company set prices for two grades of crude at the highest premiums in the last 11 years. The world's largest oil exporter set the prices for export to Asia while at the same time cut prices for the US, Europe and Mediterranean.

The price of Arab Light crude to Asia was set to $2.70 a barrel above average prices for Oman and Dubai grades which is an increase of $1.05 and set a record high for the last 11 years (since June 2000).

That’s also a record based on Bloomberg data and is up from a 30-cent discount to the benchmark in October.

News: Oil prices drop again after Brief Recovery

Crude was seen to drop to record lows earlier this week reaching $77.61 per barrel only to recover throughout the week to more comfortable levels. However prices dipped again yesterday causing Oil Prices to sit at $82.06 before settling down at $82.59 per barrel on Thursday.

Meanwhile the ICE Futures Exchange reported Bent Crude down $1.16 placing it at $104.59 per barrel on Thursday 6th October 2011. The dip in value doesn't yet see the record low of $101.71 we had last week and hopefully this means we'll see the prices stabilise again in the coming week.

As for other natural resource trading, heating oil fell 2.3 cents to $2.838 per gallon, gasoline futures fell 2.8 cents to $2.658 per gallon and finally natural gas lost 3.6 cents to $3.562 per 1,000 cubic feet.

Monday, 3 October 2011

News: Chevron Creates Solar Oil Power

Chevron technology Ventures (a division of Chevron USA), have launched a brand new project to test solar power energy production of oil. The project demonstrates the production of oil using over 7,600 mirrors to focus the solar energy into a specially designed solar boiler. The steam produced from this project is then injected large oil reservoirs in order to increase oil production. The project is being heralded as thelargest of it's kind in the world.
"Through this demonstration, we want to determine the feasibility of using solar power for enhanced oil recovery," said Desmond King, president of Chevron Technology Ventures. "This technology has the potential to augment gas-powered steam generation and may provide an additional resource in areas of the world where natural gas is expensive or not readily available."

This project should allow more effective oil extraction that yields strong results in areas where oil production is currently weak. This means oil supplies should start increasing when the project is in full swing to keep up with consumer demand.

Article: Haut Spearheads Green Drilling Movement

Reporting from RigZone has revealed yesterday on 3rd October 2011 that Rich Haut is enthusiatic about research and plans for greener and cleaner ways of extracting oil. New mthods for drilling for oila nd natural gas resources are bing explored as the senior research scientist for the Houston Area Research Council (HARC)steamlines the way for oil companies.

Rich Haut is currently developing new greener methods of oil extraction to reduce the environmental impact drilling for oil has. Haut is working with a range of people from academia, industry, environmental groups, government agencies and government laboratories to address environmental concerns and investigate new technologies that could see more environmentally friendly oil companies across the board.

As rigzone reports:

"In November 2010, we applied for our next round of funding from RPSEA and are currently in contract negotiations for this effort – The EFD Technology Integration Program (EFD-TIP) that will focus on field testing of technologies."

Haut said the group expects to initiate the EFD-TIP in January 2012 along with the Coastal Impacts Technology Program (CITP) that focuses on work force development, water issues and technologies to reduce the environmental tradeoffs associated with oil and gas activities along the Texas Gulf Coast.

Video: Interview with Michael Klare

An interview with Michael Klare about Oil and Rebellions, discussing the areas of concern in the Middle East for Oil and Energy investments and why he thinks oil supplies may dwindle in the close future due to a lack of investment in the Middle East.

Video: Looting Libya for Oil

The race for Libya's oil weath is gathering huge momentum as states who previously worked together have now banded against each other in the battle for Libya's massive oil reserves and secure energy contracts.

This struggle for oil contracts have caused concerns over the Libyan regime and how corruptable they might become.

Birmingham Fuel Oils Are Now Selling Via WhichOilSupplier

Birmingham Fuel Oils Are Now Selling Via WhichOilSupplier

As of July this year Birmingham Fuel Oils began selling on whichoilsupplier online and they are still going strong today. The top comparison website WhichOilSupplier compares hundered of oil companies and prices to give you the best deal son your oil fuel. As an independant supplier based in Birmingham, West Midlands, we give a highly competitive price for our fuel oils and are confident that whichoilsupplier will continue to be a growing asset to our business.

And as whichoilsupplier say:

Birmingham Fuel Oils are an independent supplier, based in the West Midlands, providing heating oil to homes across the UK. They are competitive on price, reliable and offer a high quality service.

They have a fleet of vehicles which includes 36500 litre articulated tankers to small tankers for difficult access. They can also provide advice on oil storage and replacement tanks.

So it's not just our prices to watch out for, as we provide an all round high quality service that whichoilsupplier recommends as a leading competitve oil company.

Get Ready for the NEC Birmingham 16-19 October 2011

Yes it's time to get "OilFiredUp" as the NEC in Birmingham will be packed full of products, advice and training for renewable technologies. While the majority of the show is designed for electrical contractors the event as wole is proving to be a nice round up of subjects in the energy sector and renewable plans for the future.

The program includes:

  • Highlights in the InstallerLive Education programme include:
  • A daily headline Green Deal presentation delivered by a senior DECC official.
  • Nigel Hollett, the Head of Environmental Technologies at SummitSkills speaking on Certification and Qualifications Installers Can Trust.
  • Martin Orrill, Head of Energy Technology and Innovation, British Gas New Energy will be speaking about 'The Gas Engineer of the Future'.
  • Brill Brady, Electrotechnical Specialist at EAL advising on 'What training you need to become a green installer'.
  • Mike Waumsley from Surefire Technical Training explaining how you can become a biomass installer.
  • Tony Lobley from Viessmann providing useful introductions to heat pumps and solar thermal hot water technology.
  • James Fisher from Baxi presenting a Guide to MCS Training.
  • Vokera speaking on Heating System Design for commercial and renewable installations. 
  • Plus numerous talks covering a vast range of technical and business issues led by speakers from NAPIT, the Micropower Council, the Energy Savings Trust, HVCA, NICEIC, Solar Trade Association, City and Guilds, Underfloor Heating Manufacturers Association, CIPHE, APHE, HETAS, the Rainwater Harvesting Association and many more!

Location: NEC Birmingham
Date: 16-19 October 2011

News: Thomson Airways are looking for Chip Oil

Thomson airways are looking to become more environmentally friendly with plans to launch thier first biofuel flight from Birimingham Airport. While they push forward the project local green campaigners are denoucning the idea claiming the new sustainable aviation fuels are actually more harmful to the environment.

Thomson originally wanted to use used cooking oil to fuel flighst around the world but have now instead opted for virgin plant oil from a variety of sources and none are described as being "sustainable".

Birmingham Friends of the Earth calls for a scrapping of all biofuel targets and research to be done into the impacts of current EU Renewable Energy Directive.

The group claim the new fuel plans have massive environmental and social problems that nullify it as a reasonable fuel source alternative to fossil fuels.

Video: Burmese Secret Oil Pipeline

Burmese workers are being exploited for thier oil selling it to one single company for 40% of it's market value. Reports suggets this is mandatory or they risk losing thier oil wells entirely. These workers do not see the $1 billion euros the Burmese government supposedly makes each year on oil whereas despite oil works there is a fuel shortage in the Burmese capital of Rangoon.

News: New Oil Ventures Begin admist Fluctuating Oil Prices

Despite the fluctuating oil prices this season many new oil projects have begun work in previously unheard of locations. Places that were deemed unfit for oil extraction earlier have now become on the development target list such as in Alberta Canada where the sands protect a wealth of oil.

Due ot the difficult location Alberta has never been considered for oil extraction before but these new methods have set up this oil desert on the chopping block.

This is an ongoing project with many flaws still being looked at such as how to deal with the excessive carbon dioxide emissions form the extraction process. The Canadian government is working alongside many oil companies to address these issues and begin work on the oil extraction in Alberta.

Full Price List of the Oil Markets at the minute as reported on Monday

Full Price List of the Oil Markets at the minute as reported on Monday

On the New York Mercantile Exchange:

Crude fell $1.59 to end at $77.61 per barrel.

Gasoline dropped 2.71 cents to finish at $2.511 per gallon.

Heating oil lost 2.64 cents to end at $2.7529 per gallon.

Natural gas fell 4.9 cents to finish at $3.617 per 1,000 cubic feet.

On the ICE Futures exchange in London:

Brent crude fell $1.05 to end at $101.71 per barrel.

Article: The 10 Oil Commandments

We've been scouring the internet this morning and tsumbled across a very interesting read over on Oil Price that we thoguht we should share with our readers.

The 10 Commandments

As thier own introduction blurb states:
If they are not actually "commandments" they might as well be. The original set of 10 provided a simple set of rules for members of a small community to live in reasonable harmony with one another, and that is essentially the requirement for an oil-dependent society that has necessarily fragmented into smaller communities, once its supply of oil has been severely curtailed.

But never fear it's not all about doom and gloom! Just have a read of these helpful suggestions and decide what you think about Oil Price's 10 Commandments about Oil use today. Do you think they have it right?

News: Oil Prices to drop to record low since 2010

The final quarter has started with oil lagging far behind and struggling to keep up. The benchmark dropped well below $78 per barrel as more recession fears have stirred the pot. Oil fell along with many others on Wall Street including The Dow Jones industrial average , the Nasdeq composite and the S&P 500 all dropping up to 2%.

This meansinvestors are very nervoud about weaker demand coupled with lower energy prices but will the consumer notice this?

"We're also at a lull in the market" after the summer driving season, independent analyst Stephen Schork said. "This is when you tend to see weakness" in oil prices.

Crude Oil fell by $1.59 (roughly 2%) and finished the day at a rate of $77.61 per Barrel. Prices got as low as $76.85 earlier on but the prices stabalised somewhat. Reports suggest this is the lowest barrels of oil have been since September 2010.In london however, Brent Crude dropped by only $1.05 coming out at $101.71 per barrel.

Video: Wikileaks files reveal Arctic 'carve up'

BBC Newsnight reports on fresh Wikileaks cables which show how countries are scrambling over the resources hidden under the melting Arctic ice - which is disappearing at unprecedented rates.

This means accessing oil and natural gas deposits are being fought over by politicians as they all try ot get thier oar in. This is an in depth new report on the situation at the moment.

Video: Cyprus Oil Quest draws Turkey's Negative Attention

Cyprus begins an offshore drilling project in the search for oil and natural gas. Turkey however decalres the act illegal and sends a research ship to the site. Drillingmust stop until a reunification deal is reached insists the Turkish backed leadership.

However, the internationally recognised Cyprus government rejects this idea so dimplomatic tensions are rising over this latest development.

Al Jazeera's Nadim Baba reports from Nicosia, in Cyprus.

Sunday, 2 October 2011

News: Man Hoardes Kerosene

Police arrested an employee of a private factory that specialises in paint products and seized PDS kerosene worth around Rs 30,000 from his home on Gokul Road  on Wednesday.

Police revealed that  Shekarappa Karlekkanavar had illegally taken and kept five barrels of kerosene to use in the factory.

Red Diesel

Red Diesel, Gas Oil or Tractor Diesel as it is otherwise known, is significantly cheaper than regular automotive white diesel and is coloured with a red dye in order to differentiate the lower taxed product. Red Diesel is often used in agriculture and the building trades, in addition to being a cheap solution for heating people's homes.

Birmingham Fuel Oils are one of the top nationwide distributors of Red Diesel and offer extremely competitive rates. Birmingham Fuel Oils also offer a range of tanker sizes to suit most orders, large or small, and will deliver to even the most remote locations in the UK. This makes them one of the UK's most cost-effective and accessible Red Diesel suppliers.

Heating Oil

Heating Oil is just another name for Red Diesel, which is a form of diesel with dye added that is much cheaper than automotive white diesel. It is commonly used as fuel for household heating and this is where the name heating oil comes from. Heating oil solutions usually include a furnace or a boiler that runs on heating oil and supplies heat to the rest of the system. This will usually be fed red diesel from a large above-ground storage tank (AST).
For home heating installations, Birmingham Fuel Oils can deliver red diesel by tanker in any quantity necessary to top up an AST and they can ship heating oil to any location in the UK. As one of the country's leading suppliers of red diesel or heating oil, they also offer extremely good prices on all their fuel oil products.

Emergency Spill Kits

Emergency spill kits are a necessity when working with dangerous chemicals and can quickly and efficiently deal with any kind of spill or leakage. Whether it's for coolants, oils and lubricants, chemicals, acids and caustics or hydrocarbons, Birmingham Fuel Oils provide a full range of emergency spill kits fully compliant with EA guidelines and regulations and ISO 14001.
All spill kits from Birmingham Fuel Oils come with clear and easy-to-follow instructions, safety goggles and gloves, and an emergency call out number should the situation become unmanageable or should further assistance be required. The emergency spill kits from Birmingham Fuel Oils can provide peace of mind when dealing with dangerous substances.


Kerosene or Paraffin has a rich history of usage in the UK and has been used in the past for many different purposes including heating, lighting, cleaning and cooking. Kerosene is often still used to fuel portable stoves, central heating systems and even jet engines. It is also widely used as a cleaning solvent.

Whatever you need Kerosene for, Birmingham Fuel Oils can provide the answer. Birmingham Fuel Oils is one of the nation's premier Kerosene suppliers and can deliver Kerosene anywhere in the UK in quantities ranging from just 500 litres all the way up to 36,000 litre bulk orders.

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Emergency Response Spill Kits

Emergency Spill Kits
Emergency Response Spill Kits are vital to ensuring your business operates safely when handling fuel oils or almost any kind of spill in fact. Birmingham Fuel Oils can supply you with an all purpose essential emergency spill kit that complies with EA guidelines and legislation and assist with ISO 14001 compliance standards.

These spill kits are ideally for use with oil coolant, water detergent and mild chemical solution spills and are known as Maintenance spill kits. Also available are Chemical spill kits for acids, caustics and corrosive chemical spills. Finally Oil spill kits are also available for hydrocarbon spills (such as kerosene oil or diesel oil) and also lubricants, paints and solvents.

Each spill kit pack contains easy to follow instructions, contents check lists, re-order sheets and an emergency call out number just in case you may need assistance with the incident.

Monday, 26 September 2011

Domestic Oil in the UK

Birmingham Fuel Oils have had a wealth of experience in supplying customers with Domestic Oil for a variety of purposes and environments. If you are unsure whether or not Domestic Oil is the option for you, feel free to contact Birmingham Fuel Oils for further information and a customer sales assistant will be happy to help answer your questions.

Domestic Oil is known as a variety of different names but it is essentially the same product in most cases. For example here is a few names for Domestic Oil you may recognise:

Heating Oil
Commonly used to describe the use of Domestic Oil this has also become another name for the oil itself. Domestic Oil and Heating Oil are the same fuel just with slightly different names that both accurately describe the oil and where/how it is used.

Again kerosene is just another name for Domestic Oil. Kerosene is the technical name for the fuel and can also be sometimes called Kerosine. Some dialects call this fuel Paraffin or Paraffin Oil instead of Kerosene such as South Africa. This is not to be confused with Paraffin Wax or the more viscous (thick) variety of Paraffin laxative.

Red Diesel
Red Diesel is another name for Domestic Oil and should not be confused with regular diesel for automobiles. Diesel and Red Diesel have slightly different compositions to each other as Diesel is designed for use in cars and other vehicles whereas Red Diesel should only be used as Domestic Oil such as Home Heating Oil. Red Diesel will always have a red colour to varying strengths as opposed to regular Diesel.

Thursday, 22 September 2011

Why are Barrels of Red Diesel So Cheap?

Why are Barrels of Red Diesel So Cheap?

Barrels of Red Diesel are so cheap when compared to regular automobile fuel because it is not designed for use in vehicles. Barrels of Red Diesel have less sulfur in them and they are designed for use in heating systems in the home. While it is only slightly different chemically this differentiation allows the fuel to be taxed differently as it is used in different ways. The Barrels of Red Diesel have a red dye added in order to easily differentiate the two fuels to prevent fraudulent purchases for those wishing to avoid fuel tax.

Barrels Of Red Diesel

Barrels Of Red Diesel

You may be wondering what the difference is with Barrels Of Red Diesel to the of regular Diesel fuel, especially as Diesel fuel is typically more expensive due to the larger taxes on it. Barrels Of Red Diesel are chemically very similar to regular diesel but does not contain as much sulfur as it is designed typically for home heating systems. In order to distinguish Barrels Of Red Diesel from regular diesel fuel easily a simple red dye is added to the mixture. This allows regulators and distributers to easily distinguish the fuel as home heating oil and not confuse it with regular diesel for automobiles.

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Barrels of Kerosene for Heating Oil

Barrels of Kerosene for Heating Oil

Barrels of Kerosene are often used as heating oil for domestic use. While Kerosene is chemically very similar to white diesel fuel it isn’t taxed as heavily as it’s cousin. This is why Barrels of Kerosene for heating oil is red in colour in order to differentiate it from regular diesel. The red colour of the Barrels of Kerosene is created by simply adding red dye to the mixture. This means you can be sure your Barrels of Kerosene are going to be much cheaper if purchasing red domestic heating oil.

Barrels of Kerosene Prices

Barrels of Kerosene Prices

Barrels of Kerosene are readily available across the UK with Birmingham Fuel Oils for a competitive price. Prices for Barrels of Kerosene are not usually listed on websites so to get an accurate quote for your business you will need to get in touch with Birmingham Fuel Oils via the telephone. This way you can get a custom made quote tailored to your needs with flexible payment arrangements. You’ll find Barrels of Kerosene are not only excellent high quality fuel but also extremely good quality for money as an efficient burning fuel. You can also purchase Barrels of Kerosene for domestic use so make sure you get in touch with Birmingham Fuel Oils today.

Barrels of Kerosene

Barrels of Kerosene

At Birmingham Fuel Oils Barrels of Kerosene are available also known as “boiler Juice”, “Burning Oil”, “28 second”, “industrial paraffin” and “Heating Oil”. As the names would suggest Barrels of Kerosene are used for a wide range of business needs due to it’s high quality clean burning attributes. This also allows it to produce high heat levels in an efficient manner. All of the Barrels of Kerosene from Birmingham Fuel Oils exceed British Standard Specification BS 2869 Class C2 requirements as standard with all Barrels of Kerosene products.