Sunday, 11 December 2011

Video: USA Oil Policies explained

Do you know who has the biggest oil and energy reserves? It may not be who you think..

IER Board Member, Steven Hayward, exposes how US energy policies have restricted access to America's vast energy resources. You may have previously thought America had little to none of it's own reserves but this is not the case. America is tehrefore less competitive in the world, energy prices are skyrocketing, and the economy is suffering. Steven Hayward points out that the United States must open federal lands to exploration and end the regulatory blockade that keeps shale oil and gas out of our reach.

Video: Iran claims finding a new reserve in the caspian sea

Islamic republic minister of oil Sardar Rostam Ghasemi has reported that Iran has found a new reserve source in the Caspian sea containing a significant amount of gaz after successful drilling.

According to Iranian TV the quantity of Gaz found in this reserve is equal to available gaz in all other Caspian Sea fields .

According to studies made earlier , the Iranian side of Caspian sea did not have any interesting gaz or oil fields .

Video: Is Oil the Future of Energy?

Around 5,000 participants have come together in Qatar for the World Petroleum Congress in order to discuss the global demand for energy, in particular oil, which has seen large growth despite the economic downturn. Can oil meet future needs for energy?

Thursday, 1 December 2011

Don Young Bashes Arctic Refuge

Rep. Don Young (R-AK) bullies witness Dr. Doug Brinkley and attacks the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge as worthless for anything other than drilling. Many people are currently displaying their outrage for this video which reveals the congressman as "wasted taxpayers money" by commenters.

Listen out for the Faux Pas made for a little humour in this serious issue.

Videos: Oil Tanker Explodes

An oil tanker explodes on 28th November 2011 which result sin the death of one person. This tragic event is covered in this video from TV9 broadcasts.

Video: Oil News on Oil Spill

The 90 second news at 9am featuring oil spill news. Also discussions on price drops and reserves. Watch the video for more information on the news of the Oil Spill Last year in a fast bite sized portion.